Gro web app

September 2015 - current

Gro Intelligence
User Experience Design, UI Design, Map Design

Gro Intelligence has developed the world’s most extensive agriculture data platform.

Gro Intelligence is leading the modern agricultural revolution using data and technology, driven by advances in parallel processing, remote sensing, machine learning, and AI. We’ve developed a web app that gives you easy access to the world’s most comprehensive agriculture data platform, fully equipped with the most updated information, intuitive visualizations, and predictive analytics.
The Gro web app pulls together global food and agriculture data into a single platform. Not only can you export the data into Excel, you can also create live dashboards that have a variety of charts and maps to make analysis much easier.

Gro Style Guide

Develop a style guide for all UI elements, organized by category or context, which we can use later to create a bootstrap style kit-of-parts for quickly developing features.

All spacing and dimensions are labeled on the style guide.
The style guide fits nicely within the Gro brand style we use on all other materials (website, visual identity, graphic elements, etc)

Gro Basemap Design and Development

Design and develop the fully customizable and the most comprehensive map from the scratch. Work with geospatial team to deliver the results in Tilemill, Mapbox and Geo json. Style Guide shows the basis of the design logic and principle of Gro basemap.