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Botticelli full size bed

Leonardo two seats sofa

Botticelli full size bed and two bedside tables


Design year2013

The Michelangelo is a convertible desk. It is 1500mm X 1000mm. It can transfer from tea table to working desk by flapping one side panel. The mattress that on the top of the Michelangelo convertible desk can be folded up and placed inside. There are six holes on each lateral panels for connecting extra products. For saving space effectively, there are three doors on one side. What's more, if you get two our chairs and combine them with this convertible desk, you will have a full size bed.

  • Panel Finish: lacquered MDF
  • Hardware: [wheels] OGTM CA40PW - 1-9/16"dia. Caster w/Plate, White Hubs - With Brake
  • [handles] Atlas Homewares A860-MC Successi Collection 1.9-Inch T Bar Pull, Matte Chrome
  • [hinge] Sugatsune SDS-C301N Lapcon Soft-Down Lid Stay, Nickel

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