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Raphael armchair

Botticelli full size bed

Multi seating series


Design year 2013

The Basemore is a multifunctional chair with a drawer. There are four hold on the lateral panels for connecting other Units Furniture's products. The velcro will goes through the holes on two different pieces. This velcro is durable, reusable, cheap and light. The four holes give users an opportunity to connect this multifunctional chair with other pieces, for example an armrest, a cabinet or another multifunctional chair. On the back panel, there are four holes. So you still are able to connect another piece with the Basemore.

  • Fabric Finish: linen fabric
  • Panel Finish: lacquered MDF
  • Hardware: [wheels] OGTM CA40PW - 1-9/16"dia. Caster w/Plate, White Hubs - With Brake
  • [handles] Atlas Homewares A860-MC Successi Collection 1.9-Inch T Bar Pull, Matte Chrome

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